Audi’s A8 L Security Armored Car Is A Nearly-Indestructible VIP Luxury Limo

If you’re an arms dealer, a VIP, or a common citizen who’s looking for a bit more protection for your weekly grocery haul, there are a handful of security-focused vehicles that can fulfill your needs. The industry’s most recent bulletproof platform comes in the shape of Audi’s 2020 A8 L Security Armored Car — a monstrous 8,542-pound luxury sedan that can take on high-caliber rifle rounds, grenades, and substantial small arms fire.

Audi’s most recent iteration of the executive sedan features a slew of high-profile protective capabilities, including a fully-armored interior space, laminated armored glass, and layered body panels that keep the vehicle as unassuming as possible. From the exterior, the A8 L Security looks like any other road-faring platform, but once you peel back the car’s sleek skin, you’ll be surprised to find various layers of antimagnetic material, articulating elements, and body glazing, resulting in VR9/VR10 class compliance. It even comes fully-equipped with two cylinders of compressed air, allowing for the creation of excess pressure in its cabin during smoke or gas attacks, as well as a pyrotechnic system that can sever the car’s doors from its body, should you find that they’re damaged and can’t be opened using conventional methods. Head to Audi’s website to learn more.

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