The New Vantage AMR Shifts Aston Martin Into High Gear

After garnering a reputation as the “standard” drive type for many of the automotive industry’s most notable vehicles, the manual transmission has seen a significant departure from today’s virtuous offerings. The inevitable demise of the iconic unison between heel, toe, and hand materialized after the integration of the automatic drivetrain, leaving many proponents of the immersive mechanical style in a fiery rage. Now, the standard transmission is seen as a definitive characteristic of purist platforms the world over — a market that the U.K.’s leading automotive manufacturer, Aston Martin, has never shied away from.

As an honorable tribute to the world’s first transmission type, Aston Martin’s upcoming 2020 Vantage AMR forgoes the addition of today’s most popular drive type. Instead, the company will focus on the inclusion of the dog-leg, seven-speed shift structure used in its Vantage V12, alongside automatic rev-matching and a limited-slip differential to keep the powerful, 503-horsepower beast locked to the roadway. It’s still powered by the company’s intriguing (albeit, AMG-sourced) 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, providing around 461 lb-ft of mind-numbing torque — which, alongside the AMR’s gratuitous 209-pound weight loss, rockets the vehicle from 0-60 in under 3.9 seconds. The addition of carbon-ceramic brakes makes the Vantage that much sweeter. Only 200 of the manual-oriented AMR’s are slated for production, clocking in at an attractive $180,000.

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