Amazon’s Echo Show 10 Smart Assistant Has An HD Display That Follows You

In 2014 Amazon introduced the world to Alexa and the first-ever version of the tech and retail powerhouse’s Echo. Since then, Amazon has rolled out an increasingly capable array of smart home assistants, slowly gaining various functionality and features along the way. But it’s Amazon’s latest smart assistant release that represents what is quite possibly the most significant step forward since the inception of the product space with the unveiling of the all-new Echo Show 10.

Equipped with a 10.1” HD display, the new Alexa-enabled device is bestowed with Amazon’s cutting-edge AZ1 chip, a 13MP camera with auto-framing and motion, and the Alexa Guard Security feature while retaining all the amenities and capabilities of its predecessor. What makes the Echo Show 10 unique is a silent brushless motor that allows the display to tilt and swivel to follow its user. Another element distinguishing the new model from prior offerings is its construction, being one of the first items to earn Amazon’s new “Climate Pledge Friendly” rating, thanks to utilizing a 100% post-consumer-recycled fabric for the cover, roughly one-third post-consumer-recycled plastics for various internal pieces, and 100 percent recycled die-cast aluminum for the base and housing. Available for preorder now, the Amazon Echo Show 10 is priced at $250.

Purchase: $250