Airstream’s Stylish Retro Trailers Promote Off-The-Grid Living

Jun 6, 2019

Category: Living

Airstream’s roots in the outdoor realm have made the company a mainstay when it comes to towable living spaces, and with the announcement of the brand’s upcoming 2020 platforms, two interesting variants have caught our eye.

Amidst similarly enticing upgrades, Airstream has revealed that two of their most popular platforms from the 1960s will be making their second debut in 2020: the Bambi and Caravel. To kick things off, the Bambi will boast four different floor plans ranging from 16- to 22-feet in length, alongside the same single axle foundation as its counterpart. The Caravel follows suit, bringing four well-decorated layouts and identical specifications when it comes to size and capability. Both possess a lightweight construction (3,500 lbs and 4,300 lbs, respectively) allowing for easy towing capabilities, a low center of gravity, weight distribution, and an aerodynamic silhouette. The primary difference between the two lies in the components housed within the interiors of each — the Bambi, with stainless steel kitchen appliances and modern essentials, and the Caravel, with an array of bold, black fixtures and accents. The Bambi is slated for sale at $48,900 for the base configuration, while the Caravel will set you back $60,900+.

Purchase: $48,900+

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