Sharp House By Marc Thorpe Design

Sometimes, life takes you in a different direction than you’d originally hoped, bringing new challenges, passions, and needs into the fray. Such was the case with architect Marc Thorpe’s newest clients — a retired couple who decided that the continuous hustle and bustle of New York City was no longer their preferred sanctuary. So, they packed up their belongings and enlisted Thorpe to create an established Santa Fe, New Mexico home.

The “Sharp House,” as the dwelling would come to be known, is a stunning neo-brutalist design pulled straight from the handbook on modernized spaces, boasting a 2,000-square-foot foundation and ecologically-oriented solar panel integration. The home’s angular concrete exterior is outfitted with slotted metalwork, contrasting elevations, and a ladder leading to a relaxing rooftop rest area. If panoramic views of the five-acre property from the rooftop don’t sound mesmerizing enough, denizens can retreat back into the home where they’ll find a minimalist living area comprised of Moroso + Casamania furniture, a tame color palette, and even more space to reflect on their splendid natural surroundings.

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