POC VPD System Torso MTB Armor

Few things beat the thrill of bombing a hillside at full speed aboard your mountain bike. Of course, there’s also the risk that you could take a spill and suffer serious injury. That risk can be somewhat mitigated, however, by wearing body armor. And the folks at POC have just unveiled one of the best options around in their VPD System Torso MTB Armor.

Flexible and lightweight, the armor is comprised of both a chest and back plate — although its modular construction makes it easy to use one or the other individually, as well. It’s also standalone, meaning you don’t need a vest or jacket to use it properly, allowing for far more freedom than other similar options. What’s even better is that the 3D-printed pads feature thermo-molding technology — conforming to your body as you wear them for unparalleled comfort. While they’re comfortable in normal wear, the material hardens on impact, absorbing the brunt of any hits you might take. Certified to EN1621 standards, this high-tech protective mountain bike armor can be yours for $240.

Purchase: $240

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