Kudhva Wilderness Cabin By New British Design

Although we’ve made giant leaps in the digital world, nothing is as impressive as nature. Going off-grid to spend time in the backcountry to reset your mind and spirit is highly recommended. And we’ve found the perfect outdoor hideout to book: the Kudhva Wilderness Cabin by New British Design.

Found in a slate quarry on Britain’s North Cornwall coast, the Kudhva cabins are cozy, temporary retreats elevated amongst the trees in the Cornish landscape. The cabins are built with insulated paged-pine panels and an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber membrane covering. Larch-slatted skin covers each cabin and there’s a nearby scaffolding reception building with toilets and showers. Each angular, wooden retreat is big enough for two and comes with an outdoor firepit so you can stay warm while you enjoy the night sky. Book one of the Kudvha Wilderness Cabins today for $240 for two nights and go back to the basics.

Purchase: $240+

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