Iglucraft Cabins

The market for modular trailers and tiny homes has been booming as of late. With more and more manufacturers jumping into the fray, it’s only logical that, sooner or later, a made-to-order igloo would find its way to the surface. An Estonian company by the name of Iglucraft has finally answered the call for Inuit-inspired spaces, creating a number of bespoke homes that can be placed anywhere the client deems fit.

These rustic dwellings pull large inspiration from their cold-weather counterparts, utilizing a number of classic construction types like old-style shingles, wooden architecture, and domed designs. Inside, however, they’ve been brought into modernity — outfitted with up-to-date appliances for eating and cooking, a concise sleeping and living area, and a bathroom that comes complete with a shower and vanity section. These rustic homes are available in a variety of different sizes and statures, so if you’re interested in laying the foundation for your next big move, head over to Iglucraft’s site to peruse their options.

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