Hangzhou Senbo Resort ‘Park-Star Cube’ Hotel

China’s densely packed forests stretch for what seems like an eternity — encompassing villages, waterways, and wildlife. Though sparsely populated living areas have become something of a mainstay among the Hangzhou region’s idyllic preserve, it was the vision of The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art (DILACAA) that revealed a much more meaningful connection between manmade architecture and the surrounding environment — embodied perfectly within the school’s proposed Senbo Resort Park-Star Cube.

The Park-Star Cube is located just off of the area’s Xianghu Lake Resort, which is known among residents as West Lake’s sister lake. As an expanse of park areas easily traversed between, thanks to the advent of urban transport, the site was conceptualized as a vacation area that could easily be leveraged by surrounding communities without the need for extensive travel. Vertically reaching wooden dwellings blend with the landscape’s lush bayberry forest, maintaining an elevated presence due to staggered construction, altitude changes, and varying courtyard areas. Inside of each unique living area, a studio-like layout gives denizens a calm, comforting location to eat, sleep, bathe, and admire their surroundings. Large, sky-facing windows offer pronounced views of the star-strewn night sky — a perfect addition for those who seek to quantify the wonders of the universe.

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