Wrap Technologies BolaWrap 100 Restraint Device

Police officers face dangerous situations on a daily basis where they have to apprehend aggressive criminals in a safe manner. Reminiscent of a gadget from Batman’s utility belt, the Wrap Technologies BolaWrap 100 Restraint Device will allow officers to tie up violent criminals with ease.

The hand-held self-defense device is capable of discharging an eight-foot Kevlar tether at 640 feet per second and has a built-in laser for improved accuracy. It has a range of 10-25 feet so you can draw the device quickly and detain the threat instantly before the situation escalates. You can also reload the lightweight, weather-resistant BolaWrap100 in eight seconds or less, in case you’re dealing with multiple targets. The recyclable 8-foot bola cord has 380-pound strength and entangling barbs to securely wrap your target, immobilizing them with ease. At this time, the device is meant only for those in law enforcement and requires official training to use in the field.

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