Google Project Stream Controller Concept

In case the news slipped by you, Google recently ran a beta test for their latest gaming endeavor, a new remote-play system they’re calling ‘Project Stream.’ And while the official release is yet to be confirmed, they have already patented the one piece of hardware you’ll need to use the service.

Based on the official patent records, this concept mockup of the Project Stream Controller (created by industrial designer Sarang Sheth) is a pretty spot-on model of what the device will look like once official photos are released — with the only likely difference being the color scheme. Using this controller, just about any device with a halfway decent display screen and a solid internet connection, players will be granted remote access to Google’s library of video games (both their own titles and licensed ones) and a monstrously powerful GPU server house that will make for one of the smoothest and most beautiful gaming experiences ever imagined. Little else has been revealed about the service, but we expect to hear more news and perhaps an impending release date soon.

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