Fuell Flow Electric Motorcycle

The tenacity of motorcycle manufacturer Eric Buell is not to be understated. Following the birth of one of his premiere two-wheeled design company in 1983, the brand would eventually transition into the modern industry thanks to a merger with Harley-Davidson — sadly, Buell Motorcycles would disband in 2009. Now, the founder’s new company has decided to reinvigorate the riding community with a new electric cycle, donning a sport-oriented style and the moniker of the “Fuell Flow.”

The Flow was conceptualized by the newly formed Fuell team as an alternative to modern transportation, citing the new electric platform as their take on an urban mobility solution for everyday commuters. To achieve the Flow’s 125-mile range, as well as reduce weight, the cycle utilizes a rear wheel electric motor that’s available in two different variants — a 15 horsepower/11kW model and a 47 horsepower/35kW model. Thanks to this innovative setup, the bike will feature a transmission-free drive system that forgoes the use of a traditional belt/chain. The modular moto will also boast a significant list of customizable parts, from batteries and chargers, all the way to entirely new powerplants for the vehicle. Fuell is planning to reveal in-depth information on the bike (and other subsequent releases) on April 25.

Purchase: $11,000+

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