Varjo VR-1 Virtual Reality Headset

With the leaps and bounds made over the last few years, VR as a standard in the technology industry has finally become a reality. But there are still a few hurdles to jump over before it reaches its potential. One of those biggest roadblocks has just been bypassed in magnificent fashion by Varjo, courtesy of their VR-1 virtual reality headset.

According to the brand, the biggest limitation of VR is the┬áresolution — and anyone who’s used a VR headset can tell you that the “screen door” effect caused by resolution limitations is a distracting misfortune. The VR-1 does away with that through their proprietary Bionic Display, an unprecedented technology that offers a whopping 60 pixels per degree — the same resolution as 20/20 human vision. And they achieve this through a combination of a 1920×1080 micro-OLED and 1440×1600 AMOLED screens. That means, when utilized to its full potential, the imagery and detailing of the VR-1’s virtual world would be visually indistinguishable from the real one (safe for whatever fantastical things are happening in whatever you’re watching or playing). Presently available to developers — but with commercial applications looming on the horizon — the VR-1 can be yours for $5,995 with an annual license fee of $995.

Purchase: $5,995

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