Swatch Flymagic Watch

Staying ahead of the curve, Swatch has created a device to battle the negative effects of a magnetic field. The revolutionary device will make its grand debut in Swatch’s Flymagic watch, bathing under the spotlight in style.

Constructed from a new titanium-based alloy with incredible paramagnetic capabilities, the ‘Nivachron’ balance spring in the Flymagic reduces the detrimental effects of magnetic fields in your everyday environment. The Swiss-made spring also provides resistance to temperature changes and superb shock-resistance, further improving the performance of the Flymagic. The 45mm stainless steel timepiece debuts with three models and each one is limited to 500 examples. The beautiful watch has a transparent dial, showcasing a reversed movement with the second hand running backward, which is a first for Swatch. Each watch comes with one rubber strap and two high-quality calfskin straps. The Flymagic will be available in April for $1,500.

Purchase: $1,500

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