Porsche Carrera GT ‘Recommissioned’

Porsche has a significant repertoire of reputable supercars under its belt — but, as with any famed automotive brand, there are standout platforms which warrant more recognition than the rest. The German automaker’s Carrera GT is one such vehicle, and now, the company has introduced a dramatic revision to the car for a customer’s special order.

This Carrera GT is still powered by the same ten-cylinder, 5.7-liter V engine as before, producing 610 horsepower and harkening back to the company’s Formula 1-influenced powertrain, design, and handling. The overall performance of the vehicle is similar to before, barring the fact that Porsche Classic has thoroughly reworked the privately owned supercar for a top-to-bottom reconstruction of the prized GT. For a “manufacturer’s quality” renovation of such stature, Porsche Classic introduced BBS-inspire five-spoke magnesium wheels with a high-gloss silver layer, alongside hand-sanded and recoated carbon fiber peripherals. Following complete disassembly, refurbishment, and repair, the vehicle was given an entirely new coat of Oak Green Metallic paint — a style that was available in the 1970s, but never an option for the Carrera GT.

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