Never Lift: Bruce Meyer’s ‘Winning Numbers’ Exhibition

There are a number of prolific car collectors in the world, but certain individuals stand head and shoulders above their counterparts — if not by sheer prestige, then by the contents of their collection. Bruce Meyer is one such individual, becoming the founder of the widely renowned Petersen Automotive Museum following his decade-long obsession with classic vehicles. And now, the collector is hosting “Winning Numbers” — a showcase of his winningest platforms — for an upcoming exhibition.

Meyer’s collection is not one to be scoffed at, with a slew of vehicles that are scheduled to be shown during three different chapters of the California Collecting series to be hosted at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The exhibition will feature a number of renowned and iconic vehicles that are famous for their performance on the track, such as the first ever Shelby Cobra, the Le Mans-winning Kremer 935, and the winningest Ferrari 250TR of all time. Alongside these notable vehicles, 10 other rare and unique platforms will be hosted for viewers’ pleasure. The upcoming exhibition is scheduled on February 22 at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

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