Mirage Gstaad Mirrored Structure By Doug Aitken

Mountaintop chalets are a dime a dozen, but where timber and concrete facades have become more commonplace, a new, more introspective escape has been erected. Doug Aitken’s Mirage presents viewers with a truly breathtaking look into one of the world’s most valued locations, Gstaad — a secluded, snow-capped site in Switzerland that was dubbed “the place” by TIME magazine over half a decade ago.

While participating in elevation1049’s themed collection of renowned artists called Frequencies, Aitken has unveiled the Mirage Gstaad, a mirror-clad, reflective space that pulls its most prominent design principles from a ranch-style home. Citing “manifest destiny” of both cultural and artistic precedence as his visionary inspiration, the artist has created a minimalistic angular dwelling that spends its days reflecting different frequencies of light, time, and space in the mountains of Switzerland. The oddity will stand atop the Gstaad landscape for two years, braving harsh winters, springtime melts, and other unique seasons — a shifting artwork that serves to twist the very reality that Mirage viewers hope to comprehend.

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