Lindis New Zealand Adventure Lodge

The world around us is ever-moving, stopping for no one — and with time accelerating at such a pronounced rate, it’s important to remember that a withdrawal from the monotony is essential. The New Zealand-based Lindis Lodge was created for such a purpose — allowing its guests to relax, unwind, and mitigate their daily stresses through exposure to an idyllic escape.

Nestled within New Zealand’s Ahuriri Valley, the Lindis surrounds itself with an expansive 6,000-acre grassland that houses a bevy of lakebeds, flowing rivers, and picturesque snow-clad mountaintops. The lodge’s pristine wood exterior plays host to a truly unique roof layout, utilizing several different layers to create a subtle wave that mimics the basin’s naturally flowing wind. Inside the adventurous dwelling, luxurious rooms dressed in artisan furniture provide a warm escape from the country’s cold environment, while a vast selection of activities such as fly fishing, horse riding, and mountain biking serve to entertain guests throughout the day.

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