Leatherman FREE Collection Multi-Tools

Leatherman practically invented multi-tools as we know them today. And for over 35 years, they’ve been designing and manufacturing the best ones in the world. And now, they’re ready to revolutionize the industry again with their new FREE collection of multi-tools.

Available in three types — the traditionally-formatted P Series, the SAK-style T-Series, and the knife-focused K-Series — each of these tools was completely refreshed from the ground-up. That includes complete and speedy external one-handed access to all included implements, a redesigned platform made to be as user-friendly as possible, and a new magnetic architecture allowing for reduced friction during deployment that will never wear out. Calling anything a “game-changer” is a risky and bold claim, but it might actually be the case with Leatherman’s absurdly-impressive FREE multi-tools. Prices range from $40-$140 and the collection will be available in April of this year.

Purchase: $40+

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