Land Rover Defender ‘Overland’ By Heritage Driven

The Land Rover Defender will undoubtedly go down in history as perhaps the greatest SUV of all time. It’s so good, in fact, that even older models have far outlived their expected lifespans thanks to the work of restoration and customization firms. One of those firms is Heritage Driven, who will build you the bespoke Defender of your dreams — if you can afford it.

Our favorite of their packages is undoubtedly the ‘Heritage Overland’ option, which includes everything you need to go off-the-grid adventuring almost indefinitely — including a dual electrical system, dual fuel tanks, a snorkel intake, roof rack, belly armor, a winch, suspension upgrades, and even a beefier engine than standard. Those engine options, by the way, include (but aren’t limited to) both a Corvette LS3 (430HP) and Cummins R2.8 (385 foot-pounds of torque). And that’s just the start of things, as the brand also promises a wide array of other customizable options based on your goals and budget. Of course, if overlanding isn’t your thing, they also offer Classic and America editions that are a bit more daily-driver friendly. Pricing varies based on the build, but you can expect a cost of over $100,000.

Purchase: $100,000+

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