Flaxta Aware Impact Detector

Head traumas are often one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer, which is only exacerbated by how hard they are to detect. The folks at Flaxta are looking to make extreme activities like cycling and snowboarding a bit safer, however, with their Aware Impact Detector.

The modular device is only about the size of a fingertip, but what it offers is huge. You see, when slipped into one of the brand’s helmets and mated to an included smartphone app, Aware can determine whether a spill or hit you’ve taken is serious enough to warrant you getting yourself checked out. And it’s not just hoo-ha — the device uses a complex algorithm that measures linear and rotational forces, as well as the location of impact, and compares it to real-world medical research. That way, you can avoid worsening your condition and get to a hospital if needed. Built to be a modular addition to their upcoming line of athletic-focused helmets, Flaxta Aware could be a game-changer in the industry.

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