Carpat House By Dumitru Martiniuc

It’s not often that you see architecture and design projects that have eluded their Romanian roots and been exposed to the world, but every once in a while, a gorgeous reminder of the country’s mesmerizing locale slips through the cracks. Enter the Carpat House — an impeccably realized project from Dumitru Martiniuc (and a number of other notable artists) depicting life in Romania’s lush forests.

The Carpat House immerses itself within the wilds of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains — a timber and stone dwelling that stands in magnificent contrast to the surrounding wooded area. Situated atop a rocky, lakefront outcrop, the wood-clad home utilizes a dark black exterior treatment that references traditional timber-burning styles such as Sugi Ban to create a shadowy escape. At the forefront of Carpat lies a single rectangular swimming area, outfitted with three lounge chairs that look to have been crafted from solid stone. Inside, a dramatically lit living area gives way to wood, metal, and marble furniture, while vertically oriented full-length windows provide panoramic views of the mist-hued hills. Generous skylights and oriented glass provide ample light within the bedroom and bathroom areas, alongside an interestingly crafted fence-like structure that houses an immensely unique tree, piercing the center of the structure.

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