The Heart Of Malta By Svetozar Andreev

Malta’s ‘Azure Window’ was once a spectacular draw for the country, serving as a picturesque 28-meter-tall spectacle that once attracted viewers from around the globe. The famed natural arch has since collapsed into the sea, but the architects at Svetozar Andreev Studio have decided to pay homage to the once-renowned wonder by constructing a futuristic new exhibition space in place of the giant limestone rock pillar — an ambitious project dubbed “The Heart Of Malta.”

The all-steel exhibition space is truly unique, utilizing a 5,000-square-meter polygonal construction and a mirrored surface that extends from the landmass into the sea. Andreev and his team have painstakingly replicated the structure of the original Maltesian arch, creating a post-modern landmark that hopes to reinvigorate tourism and development in the area. The project’s massive five-floor interior blends futuristic design principles with a touch of minimalist charm, providing an immaculate space for the revitalization (and observation) of Malta’s tenacious spirit. The Heart Of Malta is a testament to the country’s will to progress, utilizing cutting-edge architectural techniques as well as innovative materials often used within the shipbuilding culture of Dwejra to preserve the project’s natural connection to the surrounding landscape.

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