Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

The Maldives is a mesmerizing grouping of small islands in the Indian Ocean, home to crystal clear water, one of the most temperate climates on earth, and an affinity for tourism that’s oft unmatched. While most of the getaways situated on the nation’s sand-strewn shores rely on traditional building practices, the Kudadoo Maldives private island takes a different path to luxury and leisure.

Kudadoo is a unique experience that pairs an expectedly dizzying list of five-star traits with an eco-friendly approach to sustainable construction — utilizing integrated solar panels that produce enough energy to power the entire property. Private, above-water bungalows are rented out to guests on a night-by-night basis and feature handmade furniture, Tasmanian oak flooring, and even your very own private butler. An arched wood layout ensures each dwelling has its own spectacular view of the surrounding area. If you’re in the mood for socialization, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to the other side of the island where a lounge, restaurant, and pool provide the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Purchase: $3,000+

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