Cold Steel Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow

Whether it’s being used to slay a vampire or staple a zombie to the wall, the crossbow is the survival weapon of choice for any post-apocalyptic scenario. American weapons manufacturer Cold Steel cooked up the Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow to keep you strapped with the very best in undead warfare.

The battle-ready crossbow has a 130-pound draw weight to blast arrows at a stifling speed of 226 feet per second. It boasts a quick and easy reloading system that doesn’t require a crank cocker, stirrup, or rope. For a more tactical feel, the crossbow features an AR-15 style buttstock, detachable forward grip, and Picatinny rail. It even comes equipped with a red dot sight for hawk-eye accuracy and a shoulder sling so you can shoot and scoot with ease. Fire this bad boy and you’ll be able to shoot three inches into your target from 30 yards in mere seconds. You can pick one up today for $280 and add it to your all-or-nothing zombie apocalypse collection.

Purchase: $280

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