2019 Yamaha YZ450FX Smart Dirt Bike

While you will see plenty of dirt bikes blazing across a motocross track, Yamaha looks to change the game by offering up the first ever off-road bike built with a wireless smartphone-based engine tuner. Say hello to the 2019 Yamaha YZ450FX, a beastly smart bike with the endurance and get-up-and-go of a gazelle.

The 2019 YZ450FX is a variation of Yamaha’s biggest, fastest bike, the model YZ450F. Only, it’s been further amplified. The major selling point here is smart phone connectivity, allowing the rider to customize and adjust the bike to their preferences using the Power Tuner App, available on their iOS or Android smartphone. This includes everything from fuel and ignition mapping changes on the fly, a log function that documents everything from riding location, conditions, and bike settings, and even a built-in maintenance function to ensure your bike is always running in tip top shape. With a bigger gas tank and robust, fuel injected 449cc 4-stroke engine, this bike is billed as a cross-country dirt bike, as opposed to the Model F’s traditional motocross specs. The bike’s frame has been oriented further forward for aerodynamic reasons, and the wide-ratio transmission and clutch have undergone overhauls, too, to make this bike even more indefatigable.

Purchase: $9,500