Time Travel In Style Aboard This Tesla ‘Back to the Future’ Roadster

Photos: Charlie Nghiem

Despite being an iconic vehicle thanks to the Back to the Future trilogy, the DeLorean is anything but stellar when it comes to performance. Automotive designer Charlie Nghiem reimagined Doc Brown’s legendary time machine on wheels with the 2019 Tesla Back to the Future Roadster.

The incredible concept design comes complete with massive afterburners, a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and all the wiring to get this baby to blast off to any point in time — past, present, or future. And, yes, it also has a flux capacitor — the device that makes time travel possible. Elon Musk claimed the standard Tesla Roadster would have a 620-mile range and could hit 60 mph in only 1.9 seconds, meaning this modified machine wouldn’t have any problems reaching 88 mph for a time jump. Earlier this year, Musk tweeted about the new Roadster possibly being able to fly like the DeLorean in the sci-fi movie; we just hope this is along the lines of what he had in mind. Although this is just a concept, we’re hoping it will get on Musk’s radar, so he can make it a reality.

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