TAXA’s Industry-Leading Camper Trailer Is Roomier & Better Than Ever

The largest offering in their catalog, the TAXA Outdoors Mantis was already one of the best camper trailers on the market — especially for families. But it’s gone through a complete redesign for the 2019 year and now it’s better than ever.

For starters, this new version is 19′ in length — a bump up from the 18′ of generations passed. In spite of the new, longer body, however, it’s actually still quite light, weighing in at a dry weight of just 3,020 pounds. That’s all the more impressive when you consider its long list of amenities: room for four adults, a pop-up roof for better ventilation and more headroom, an integrated 12v electrical system, a bathroom with a shower, a fully-featured kitchenette, plenty of storage, and more. The brand even offers a slew of upgrades to make what amounts to their best trailer even better. Reach out to TAXA for pricing and availability.

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