2019 Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition By Wald

It was pretty big news when Suzuki announced the return of their miniature 4×4, the Jimny. But perhaps the bigger surprise is how fast concept designers and customizing firms have embraced the little SUV, with half a dozen or more interesting takes on it emerging in just the last few weeks. One of our favorites, however, is the Jimny Black Bison Edition by Wald International.

A Japanese brand, Wald apparently has a pretty solid hold on what we in the U.S. think makes for a great SUV. That is to say, they took the Jimny and dressed it to the nines in black and gray, with just enough red accents to keep things interesting. But this kit isn’t all just for looks, as there seems to be some real functionality hidden beneath the sinister facade — including beefier all-terrain tires, flared fenders, headlight covers and a new grille, LED roof lights, and more. If Suzuki does decide to bring the Jimny stateside, we hope Wald and the Black Bison kit follow close behind.

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