This Carbon Fiber Electric Mountain Bike Goes Over 50MPH

With beefy tires and a bold structure that looks like it can shrug off unruly conditions, you’d think this is a devilish electric motorcycle. However, it’s a bicycle that’s part of the new 2019 Moto Parilla Electric Bike Collection.

There are four new editions to the Moto Parilla lineup: Limited, Anniversary, Mimetica, and Ultra. Each one is a premium electric mountain pedal-assist bike built for the trail. They feature full suspension, Maxxis 4.8-inch tires, Formula Cura-E Custom hydraulic brakes, and 380 mm front and 210 mm rear rotors. They also have handmade saddles with stitched leather and custom integrated tail lights built seamlessly into the frame. The Ultra model might use be our favorite of the new offerings from Moto Parilla. It has a carbon and CNC aluminum frame, a Moto Parilla 3K engine with 3000W of power — allowing it to go over 50 mph — and Vee Tyre Apache tires. If you want an electric mountain bike that’s built to be a bully on the trails, take your pick. E-bikes in this collection start at $7,288.

Purchase: $7,288+