2019 McLaren 720S Spider

McLaren has been pulling out all the stops with their newest 720S, and if their most recent offering is anything to go by, they have no intention of slowing down. The supercar manufacturer is expanding on their already bolstered lineup with the addition of the 720S Spider, a convertible hardtop that still hits the same speed threshold as its coupe counterpart, but with a few added bonuses.

The Spider features a convertible carbon fiber roof that outperforms every other supercar in its class — lowering and raising in under 11 seconds thanks to an electronically actuated convertible system. With the top down, the 710 horsepower vehicle’s original 212 miles per hour top speed lowers to around 202 miles per hour. But don’t worry, if you feel the need to match the top speed of the 720S coupe, the 4.0L V8 will still carry you all the way up to 212 miles per hour with the top closed. A Monocage II-S carbon fiber core helps to keep both the driver and the interior of the car secure, boasting no additional need for reinforcement due to integrated rollover protection, should you ever need it. With a 0-60 in under 2.8 seconds and a seven-speed manual transmission that will feature comfort, sport, and track driving modes, it’s no surprise that the car comes as a testament to McLaren’s unwavering attention to detail.

Purchase: $315,000