2019 Lexus LC Convertible Concept

Lexus flexed their creative power with the release of the LC Coupe a few years ago, and they continue to feed their imagination, allowing their vehicles to evolve. Chasing the image of perfection, the Lexus design team created the beautiful 2019 Lexus LC Convertible Concept.

The open-air convertible has a lean, low design, yet still retains the original LC 500’s charm. Every smooth line and contour of the wide-stance vehicle work together to form a stunning, artistic display of automotive excellence. Taking a look inside, the cabin is built for luxurious comfort and style with leather trim and yellow accents. It’s sitting on 22-inch wheels and probably packs the same V8 as the Coupe, which offers a delightful 471 horsepower. There’s no official word yet on whether the Lexus LC Convertible will go into production, but we’re waiting eagerly to see if it gets the green light after its world debut at the Detroit Auto Show this month.

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