2019 Honda Urban EV

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, Honda revealed a little electric concept vehicle with a familiar silhouette that’s slated to launch in Europe sometime in 2019. Dubbed the Honda Urban EV Concept, it’s a not unlikely candidate for small families here in the not-too-distant future.

On the outside of the vehicle, the car’s low and wide proportions give it a bit of a vintage stance that hints somewhat at the potential here for a more sporty performance. Also, at the front of the car, drivers will be able to display multilingual messages between the headlights that could include greetings, messages to other drivers, or the car’s charging status. Inside, the Urban EV can accommodate up to four individuals, features a large floating dashboard that hosts the steering wheel column, control buttons, and a panoramic display screen while door screens take the place of traditional wing mirrors. Additionally, the EV is slated to include an automated network control concierge that detects the driver’s emotions behind their judgments and works to make future recommendations based on what it has learned. No word on pricing just yet.

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