2019 Honda CB300R Neo Sports Café

When Honda first unveiled their Neo Sports Café concept motorcycle, we were enamored with it. We were also worried, however, that the design would never see the light of day from a production standpoint. Thankfully, we were very wrong. Allow us to introduce you to the 2019 Honda CB300R.

With so many killer custom motorcycles on the road, it’s hard to get excited about a stock model. But we’d be proud to ride this one off the lot. And with a super-light body (thanks in part to a specially designed frame) and a single-cylinder 286cc engine mated to a six speed manual transmission, we might never get off again. Sure, it’s no superbike, but with a starting price of just $4,649 it’s got a lot more value and fun packed into it than for which you’re paying.

Purchase: $4,649+