2019 GMC Sierra CarbonPro Edition Pickup Trucks

GMC’s Sierra lineup already comprises some of the best pickup trucks on the market. And while they’re capable both on and off the road, the American auto manufacturer wanted to make them even tougher — not in how they drive so much as the amount of punishment they can take. And that’s why they’ve unveiled a new CarbonPro trim for a number of their Sierra 1500 pickups.

Called the CarbonPro Edition, the package will be available this summer on both the Sierra Denali 1500 and Sierra 1500 AT4. Whichever truck you opt for will come equipped with the world’s first ever carbon composite bed — a top-tier material that offers best-in-class dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance, as well as 25% less weight than traditional steel beds (meaning the payload capacity goes up by 60 pounds). They also come with the brand’s high-tech six-function MultiPro tailgate, making for one of the most utilitarian tail ends of any pickup on the market. The CarbonPro Editions will be available on a limited basis for 2019 editions with increased availability for 2020.

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