2019 Chevy Suburban RST

The 2019 Chevy Suburban RST Performance Package is much more than a soccer mom’s dream. At eighteen-and-a-half feet, the new Chevy is a steamship of mythic proportion, built to sail the rivers of suburban asphalt like the mighty Argo. The 2019 Chevy Suburban makes other SUVs look like dinghies, as it leaves them in its wake.

The powerful RST draws its might from a 6.2 Liter V8 engine that provides 420 Horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. This diesel-powered marvel of engineering is a boiler-room unto itself. A Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission comes in clutch for accelerating past icebergs – or slow-lane dwellers – as the Suburban makes light work of uphill climbs. The RST is expected to be able to tow an approximate 8,100 pounds, which would be impressive for a tug-boat used to pulling freighters, let alone an SUV. Twenty-two-inch wheels can be decked out how you see fit. Whether or not you’re keen on harboring such a titanic vessel in your garage, all heads must bow to this pearl of engineering.

Purchase: $70,000+