CW Zon Turns BMW’s Bagger Into A Futuristic Carbon-Bodied Roadster

Though Custom Works Zon largely got its start wrenching on American cruiser bikes, it has since begun increasingly embracing BMW-based builds, so much so in fact that last year the Bavarian marque tasked the Shiga Prefecture-based shop with whipping up a one-off creation constructed around the brand’s “R18” 1,800cc flat-twin prototype engine. Fast forward to today and CW Zon has pulled the cover of its latest BMW custom with a futuristic, carbon-clad roadster christened the “Stealth Crow.”

Starting with a 2019 BMW K1600 B — the Bavarian brand’s 160hp, 1,649cc DOHC, inline-six-powered “bagger” model — the two-man team that is CW Zon proceeded to strip the 1600 of its stock plastics before replacing them with a full set of one-off carbon fiber bodywork. The six-cylinder shaftie’s stock instrumentation has been relocated to custom recessed housing just behind the build’s set of one-off swept-back bars, and the fuel-cell is now stored in the tail. Other noteworthy elements include a custom front fender, custom pinstriping, and a set of carbon sportbike-style mufflers that put the single-sided rear-wheel on full display. Completed in just three months’ time, the build manages to utilize the original mounting points on the bagger’s cast aluminum chassis — a move CW Zon opted for as they hope to soon offer Stealth Crow bodywork as a bolt-on kit for the K1600 B to the general public.

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