2019 Apple AirPods

Apple continues to roll out surprise products this week to the delight of many tech-heads. They’ve announced the 2019 Apple AirPods with upgraded performance to solidify their place as the world’s most desirable wireless headphones.

The second generation AirPods are built with a brand new H1 chip, providing you with enhanced audio performance, upgraded synchronization, and improved battery life. They also allow the AirPods to deliver up to 50% more talk time in comparison to the original model. And for the first time, the AirPods will feature “Hey Siri,” making it a breeze to choose songs, adjust the volume, get directions to your destination, or make a phone call. They will come with a standard charging case, but you can grab the Wireless Charging Case that’s Qi-compatible and shows the charge status via an LED light indicator for $79. Both charging case options provide additional juice for over 24 hours of listening time. The 2019 Apple AirPods will go for $159 or $199 with the Wireless Charging Case and they’re available to order right now.

Purchase: $159+