Amazon’s Fire 7 Tablet Gets Major Upgrades For The Same Low Price

Amazon’s Fire tablets have always been passable, if a bit underwhelming, budget-friendly alternatives to those offered by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and the rest of their competition. But they were always hard to beat for the price. As it turns out, Amazon has been working on some major performance upgrades for their Fire 7 tablet for that same unbeatable price.

There’s a wide array of upgrades to the new 2019 generation — including a trio of color options not previously available. But the biggest hits therein have to be an upgraded processor (a 1.3 GHz quad-core with more memory bandwith) and both bigger built-in and upgradeable storage. The base model starts at 16 gigs, but there’s also a 32-gig option — and either of them can be boosted via microSD card to give you up to another 512GB on top of what’s built-in. Available for pre-order now (with a bonus $10 Amazon credit for their Appstore) the new Amazon Fire 7 tablet starts at a measly $50.

Purchase: $50+