Steve Jobs’ Apple 1 Handwritten Spec Sheet

There’s no doubt that Steve Jobs is one of the defining figures of the past century, especially when it comes to technological innovation, creative vision, and an indomitable personality that shot him into the limelight with Apple. With this celebrity came a dramatic increase in the value of Jobs’ signed, scripted, and personal belongings — including the very first handwritten spec sheet for the Apple 1 — which was a calculated step toward the future of the company.

The sheet was one of the very first drafted documents during the conceptualization of Apple’s first product and features an autographed manuscript that outlines an early configuration of Jobs’ home computer. Within the document, he outlines the initial build, citing trademarks such as the 6501 and 6502 microprocessor that would be used in the first iteration and a proposition for a 58 ic with 16-pin 4K dynamic ram, totaling a whopping 8K (which was somewhat ambitious for the time). At the bottom of the document, Jobs states that the entire platform would be manufactured and sold (including the manual) for $75 — “a real deal.” The document, as well as two original polaroids of the initial build, are being auctioned off via Bonhams and are estimated to sell for $40,000-$60,000.

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