Marshmallow Ping Pong Table

Art can stir the soul, but when it’s also functional the piece becomes more enjoyable, as it allows for direct interaction. Monika Kozderková and Adam Štok of Studio Vono have created a beautiful freestanding Marshmallow Ping Pong Table sculpture, combining elements of minimalism and brutalist design.

Studio Vono utilized the technology of flattening metal pipes via a hydraulic press, working with the structure of the table in a fresh way. The metal legs of the table look similar to inflated balloons, making for a wondrous piece of art that almost looks like it will float away. Its name comes from the juxtaposition of squeezing a marshmallow between your fingers and a hydraulic press flattening a piece of metal. The table would be an assertive centerpiece for any game room, especially with its sleek, all-black colorway. Studio Vono’s Marshmallow Ping Pong Table was nominated in the category of Best New Designer Product for Designblok 2018.

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