Koenigsegg Naked Carbon Regera

Koenigsegg, like much of the supercar world, has a longstanding relationship with carbon fiber car customization. They’ve released a beautiful array of epoxy covered offerings in the past, but today, we’re looking at the very first “naked carbon” Regera, an intimidating project that still retains a surprising amount of the car’s original beauty.

The renowned supercar shares a more profound connection to the manufacturing process than its epoxy-covered counterpart. The creation of the carbon fiber paneling utilized on the vehicle is nothing short of a labor of love, with the traditional epoxy and autoclave-design being revisited after the initial production process to undergo additional machining. The unique look comes courtesy of hand-sanded exterior paneling, resulting in a carbon fiber weave that’s both visible and possesses a tangible feel said to be cooler to the touch than that of traditional epoxy. The lack of paint and other exterior additives are more than just an aesthetic upgrade — the exclusion of these materials makes the triple-electric twin turbo V8 Regera almost 44 pounds lighter than the original offering, helping to unleash the full brunt of its monstrous 1,500 horsepower output.

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