Hankook Hexonic Concept Tires

The tire was invented in 1888 and it has evolved quite a bit over the decades, breaking many restrictions of traveling the tremendous world and allowing us to discover so much more. The South Korean tire company Hankook is looking to contribute a new chapter to the tire’s evolution with two futuristic concepts: the Hexonic and the Aeroflex.

The Hexonic tire is the more noteworthy offering of the two concepts, as it’s focused on autonomous cars of the near future. The tread of the rain tire is divided into several hexagonal modules that seem to be capable of splitting apart to create water passages. Within each hexagon is a Y shape in the center for extra grip on the road. Hankook’s Hexonic also has seven sensors to react to the road in real time, analyzing several factors such as temperature, road surface, and grip so it can adapt and provide you with the smoothest ride possible. On the other hand, the Aeroflow is a tire built for motorsports, as it can draw in air for extra downforce, as well as expand. Hankook is certainly looking to pave new paths with these two rolling concepts.

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