VEARK CK01 Chef Knife

Even the most pedestrian of chefs can tell you that a blade is the most important tool you can have in the kitchen. And while we’d certainly suggest choosing one based on its overall build quality and materials, there’s no rule that says it can’t be a work of art unto itself. In fact, the VEARK CK01 is proof positive as to just how beautiful a high-end cutting tool can be.

Made in Solingen, Germany (the European mecca of knife manufacturing), these blades are crafted by hand from a single piece of drop-forged X50CRMoV15 stainless steel — meaning that no two are exactly alike and they’re completely seamless in their construction. This steel is also renowned for its hardness and ability to hold its edge, making for an excellent hard-use knife. And the shape and design aren’t just for aesthetics, as they also help balance the blade, allow for an ergonomic and adjustable grip (so you can adjust based on your cuts), and the full-tang-style handle helps to increase the knife’s overall durability and longevity. You can back the project on Kickstarter now starting at $104.

Kickstarter: $104+

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