The Crowhill Cabin By NatureHumaine

Modern architects continuously strive to give their concepts a tangible voice, while also focusing on the intention behind their vision. The Crowhill Cabin, a minimalist structure built by NatureHumaine nestled deep within the mountains of Canada’s Eastern Township, falls squarely into this realm.

The cabin extends from the peak of the mountain, anchored to a rocky cape by its concrete foundation. The exterior is adorned in a burnt wood facade, pre-woven hemlock planks, and a raw wood color palette that fits perfectly with the forested surrounding. A sloping, elongated roof found on each of the modules is meant to minimize solar gain during the hottest seasons and gives occupants the impression that they are sliding over the mountain face. There are two separate living areas — one module houses a living room, kitchen, and socialization area, while the second houses two bedrooms and a refreshingly simple wash area. The interior of the home is clad in ceramic and concrete finishes, blending seamlessly with the natural wood exterior.

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