Kawasaki Z1000 ‘Moto 14’ By Droog Moto

Only a handful of custom motorcycle builders can say they’ve mastered the art of building post-apocalyptic, zombie killing machines. Droog Moto is one such builder and their most recent project, the Moto 14 Urban Fighter, brings the dystopian body style to an entirely new level.

The Fighter was built on the stripped carcass of a 2008 Kawasaki Z1000 and modified with an entirely new, fully adjustable suspension system. To retain the bike’s gloomy apocalyptic feel, the team introduced a hand-fabricated fuel cell outfitted with an internal fuel pump for the EFI system. The rear of the bike was scrapped and fitted with a new subframe and seat, where the electronics were tucked away behind the bulletproof tracker plate. Braided brake lines, aluminum wheel inserts, and Continental TKC80 multi-use tires combine with the 125-horsepower engine to give the bike optimal performance. A custom internal LED in the hoop of the bike shines through a machined slit that was cut into the front housing for a truly menacing look.

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