Grand Pic Chalet By Appareil Architecture

The dense, lush forests of Canada are a perfect backdrop for some of this generation’s most aesthetically pleasing homes, and they provide builders with a natural and personal relationship to the surrounding landscape. The Grand Pic Chalet by Appareil Architecture is another shining example of environmental and spiritual connection in a long line of minimalist cabins.

Appareil began this project with the intention of complete immersion, using the surrounding forest as a catalyst for their stylistic design. The cottage is comprised of two free-standing structures wrapped in a black wooden facade with hints of white pine, a gravel foundation, and dark green foliage. Inside the primary home, a vast living room adorned in natural wood, concrete, and metal sits beneath a cascade of natural light. The living area is attached to a minimalist kitchen, outfitted with modern appliances and a bright white island which provides a stark contrast to the muted colors found throughout the project. A seating area on the far side of the room allows for spectacular views from the home’s large vertical windows and provides a comfortable, cozy spot near the wood-burning fire to spend an afternoon in introspection.

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