Bowlus Road Chief On The Road Trailer

Nowadays, worthwhile camping trailers are a dime a dozen. And that’s a very good thing from a consumer standpoint — except that it makes finding really interesting, stand-out ones a lot more difficult. The folks at Bowlus Road Chief, however, have eased our struggle with their frankly gorgeous On The Road 26′ Edition trailer.

With its chromed-out exterior, this glamper is dripping with old-school style, much like the ever-popular offerings from Airstream. The styling, however, is the only thing that’s old about this magnificent camping trailer, thanks to its construction of aerospace-grade riveted aluminum and features that include electronic brakes, a 120W solar panel, LED lighting, and more. Even its silhouette is modern — making this the most aerodynamic trailer ever built. Within its desert-inspired interior, you’ll find amenities suitable for four — including a two-burner stove, combo fridge/freezer, sink, storage, built-in 3G/4G modem and GPS system, Bluetooth connectivity for its electronic controls, an optional WiFi network, and more. There’s even a fully-featured private hotel-style bathroom. We’re not saying you should ditch your house and drive around the country living in this trailer, but you could quite comfortably. Pricing starts at $185,000.

Purchase: $185,000+

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