TouchCal Touchscreen Scientific Calculator

For most folks, using your smartphone calculator is enough for basic math. However, for advanced mathematics — especially for college-level students — a dedicated scientific calculator is a must. Unfortunately, they all kind of look and function the same as they did a decade and a half ago, despite advancements in technology. Well, Gavin Rea, an industrial designer, thinks it’s about time for a much-needed update. And he’s provided a gorgeous one in his TouchCal concept design.

Ditching the old black-and-white LCD screen, this handsome math and science essential device now features a bold and beautiful full-color hi-res touchscreen — mated, of course, to a dedicated mechanical number pad for ease of use. It’s also significantly slimmed down and sleekened, looking a lot less like a big gray brick and more like a modern smartphone. It also boasts a USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a folding cover that doubles as a stand, and can still do all the calculations its older, bulkier counterparts could manage (and then some). It’s just a concept for now, but if this went into production, we’d be more apt to refresh our math knowledge.

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