Stator Electric Scooter

Lately, it seems like there are hundreds of options for casual, fun, small-scale electric vehicles — skateboards, mopeds, and everything in-between. So it takes quite a bit to stand out from the crowd. The Stator Electric Scooter is one such stand-out, both for its performance figures and its remarkably unique appearance.

The idea behind the Stator was to build something simple in its styling and operation, while still being enjoyable for all skill levels. And, judging by what this thing has to offer, they’ve nailed it. For starters, this bad boy can do up to 25 miles per hour, via a super-simple twist-operated throttle for up to 20 miles per charge. And, once it’s out of juice, it can charge back up completely in just four hours. To give it even more of an economic boost, it also boasts regenerative braking and is even self-balancing for added safety and security. One of our favorite features of the Stator, however, is that it boasts a 250-pound payload — which is more than enough to support a fully-grown adult along with a good deal of gear (which can be mounted to the optional front and rear cargo racks). Simple, beautiful, and fun, this is an electric scooter we’d be proud to ride.

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